Chestnut Hill offers a fine dining experience for take-out

Mica is one of the hotspots offering gourmet food options in Chestnut Hill.

Last month, Chestnut Hill launched its new #keepitonthehill campaign highlighting the fact that the area is still very much open for business in a variety of ways, including on the culinary front—and the pickings are anything but slim.

The picturesque neighborhood in Philly has always been a hub for foodies and adventurous eaters alike with a slew of options from a number of cultural cuisines, including when it comes to fine dining. On that note, both the seasonally driven intimate BYOB, Mica, and the French-inspired eatery from Chef David Jansen, Jansen, are elevating their at-home dining experience. Both hotspots are now offering Philadelphians the chance to experience high-quality and locally-sourced meals that are easily available through their curbside and takeout services.

“As our #KeepItOnTheHill campaign continues to expand with new, quality offerings from Chestnut Hill businesses, we are thrilled with the decision of both of our three bell award winners to pivot their fine-dining options for takeout and curbside pickup,” Kathie Meadows, Director of Business Development at the Chestnut Hill Business District, said in a release.

Mica comes from Chef-owner Yianni Arhontoulis, and this popular establishment is offering its own twist on modern American fare for the new ‘From Mica With Love’ take-out menu. Just a few highlighted options include tender beef short rib, braised short rib tortelloni, grilled Berkshire pork, Scottish salmon and creamy chocolate mousse.

Take-out options from Mica. Provided

According to the release, Mica is also offering new special take-away deals including a weekly themed family meal that starts at $90 for two. The meal is customizable for parties of up to six people and is available for families looking for a delectable dine-at-home experience. Mica is also opening its pantry to sell seasonal ingredients and specialty food items, including garlic caramel, smoked shallot oil, plum vinegar, new potato and leek soup, house-made fermented hot sauce and other gourmet needs.

“We are excited to present ‘From Mica With Love’, our new takeout menu to our patrons,” said Arhontoulis in a statement. “We are known as a fine-dining restaurant and believe our new takeout menu continues the tradition of excellence without compromising taste or experience.”

Mica (8609 Germantown Ave.) will be open for takeout Thursday through Saturday, from 5-7 p.m. Orders can be placed online at

Hotspot eatery Jansen also got creative when it came to their take-out selection during the pandemic by offering three-course meals, created for a family of four, focusing on a different type of cuisine every week.

“We had to reinvent ourselves to provide the same type of exemplary food and service we did when we were open for full service,” Jansen explained in a statement.

Take-out offerings from Jansen.

Jansen also began offering Butcher Boxes filled with high-quality, locally-sourced, organic meats including Kobe Culotte Steak, Bournes BBQ Smoked Pulled Pork, and the very popular Bournes BBQ Smoked Spare Ribs with directions included on how to prepare each meal. According to the release, to help pair with the meats, Philadelphians can also purchase an “Essential Grocery” package containing fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dairy. There is also an a la carte menu where you can order stand-alone dishes, including tuna poke, pithivier, shellfish orzo, organic chicken breast, beef sirloin, Jansen’s LOVE cake, hazelnut cake and more.

The Chestnut Hill restaurant can provide a memorable Memorial Day experience for hungry buyers as well. Jansen’s Memorial Day BBQ box ($150) contains burgers with all the fixings, petite NY strip steaks, sausages, house marinated quarter chickens and a full rack of Bournes Smoked BBQ Spare Ribs. Meals from the box are made for four and are available for pickup this Friday, May 22.

Those interested can call the restaurant at 267- 335-5041 to order same day pickup from Jansen (7402 Germantown Ave.), available Wednesday through Sunday. For next-day pickup, you can email your name, phone number, pickup time, and your order to [email protected] The Jansen Family meal is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and the a la carte menu is available Friday through Sunday. More information is available at visit

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