Chill Moody debuts ‘This Ain’t My America’

Chill Moody debuts ‘This Ain’t My America’
Derek Brad

Today marks the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States and people around the country are reacting in a variety of ways — some saddened, some angry, some apathetic and some triumphant.

West Philly rapper, Chill Moody, is using the power of music to express his perspective on this new chapter in American history with his music video and song, “This Ain’t My America.”

In it, he addresses issues facing the black community like police brutality:

“Ain’t hitting mats/ that’s concrete you meet when they body slam ya/ And we still debating about some body cameras?/The bigger picture/You ain’t famous until they slain ya/Negatives develop/ Make it hard for them to frame us.”

The chorus sings:

“We hold these words for the people and until the day I see us treated equal, this ain’t my America.”

Remember the days when musicians wrote songs to change the world? Those days are back.

On the song and video, Chill Moody says:”I’m just trying to urge people to take a step past just having these ‘tough conversations’ and move towards taking some ownership to the problems and making progress.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.