Chris Christie says Eagles fans have “sucked for a long time”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a Cowboys fan, that’s never been a secret.

The Republican has been seen many many times in the company of Dallas owner Jerry Jones, and as much as his constituents in South Jersey (Eagles fans) or in North Jersey (Giants fans) dislike it, he’s entitled to be a fan of the team he likes (even if it is a bit bandwagony).

However, the governor — on the New York radio station WFAN Wednesday morning — took his annoying fandom to an insulting level.

“I understand why people are interested if you are a public figure, as to who you root for,” Christie said told the Boomer and Carton Show. “They’re interested. But the hostility, I will tell you that I take for being a Cowboys fan — and this is what I say to Giants fans all the time, and Eagles fans. Now Eagles fans I understand it from a little more because the Eagles do suck and they’ve sucked for a long time. And their fans are generally angry, awful people.”

Christie, whose term will end in 2018, continued on the radio program:

“They’re passionate, wild fans and they wanna get angry with me, that’s OK,” he said.”But the one thing they can’t say, is that I don’t tell them the truth. And the truth is, I’m a Cowboys fan. I’ve said it since I’ve ran for Governor in ’09, never hid it from anybody, and so, I don’t understand why they’re angry about me being happy about my team winning?”

That’s quite a statement from the one-time presidential wannabe, and one that perhaps comes as no surprise to the Eagles and Giants fans living in his state. In the current Trumpian political climate, it seems apt that a Republican politician would so carelessly and blatantly insult voters with a direct impact on his future in politics (he is term limited, so perhaps he no longer cares).

But as Trump proved in November, insult politics seem to work. And Eagles fans — like Mexicans, the disabled, women and Muslim Americans (to name a few) to Trump — will have to take the childish insultsthe always have from other NFL fans and hope it translates into a winning season sometime soon.

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