Citywide COVID-19 update

Doctor doing tests

During a press conference on Thursday, Philadelphia officials announced that 44 people are currently under investigation for allegedly having the Coronavirus.

The City of Philadelphia confirmed that there is still only one person who tested positive at this time.

Officials announced that there was a citywide ban on any public gathering for more than 1,000 people. The prohibition period will last for 30 days, according to The city is also recommending that people postpone or cancel any gathering of 250 people or more.

“More people will get sick,” Commissioner of the Philadelphia Department of Health Thomas Farley said during the press conference, “and we have to expect that there will be deaths as a result of this.”

City officials are not recommending closure for city schools.

School District of Philadelphia Superintendent William Hite said during the conference that all school-related events have been postponed. This includes athletic events, plays, concerts, fundraisers, school-sponsored trips and large school gatherings.

It was reported that the athletic facilities are going to be closed to outdoor organizations until further notice, according to reports all afterschool activities such as clubs and athletic practices, will continue.

Hite told outlets if parents want to keep their kids home due to concerns about the spread of the virus, it is being allowed without a doctor’s note.