Connect to your loved ones through technology

Young woman giving a present for Valentine’s day during a videocall
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By Daniel Casillas, MWN

Valentine’s Day is another big date that we will have to spend far from our loved ones due to the global health emergency. However, it is still possible to stay and feel close to others from the distance thanks to technology.

According to experts, celebrating Feb. 14 is important—even from behind the screens.

“We need it for emotional wellness and mental health,” Fila Antwine, award-winning relationship coach, explained to Metro.

That is why Metro examined the best options to do so during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Have a romantic dinner

Video calling platforms such as Zoom, Meet, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are an excellent option to chat with our loved ones and even enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner.

Watch a movie 

If you and your partner enjoy movies but can’t be together on Valentine’s Day, there is already a way to watch the same film, at the same time, but from a distance. Platforms like Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus have a co-watching function that allows creating groups for two or more people to do so.

Listen to music

There are many options that allow people with different devices to enjoy music at the same time. One of them is Spotify Premium and its group music sessions.

Play video games 

If you and your partner are video game lovers, you can play together even if you are not at the same place. Several consoles allow having fun from a distance. For example, Super Mario Party is a great option to play with your couple or a group of friends.

Fila Antwine, award-winning relationship coach, offers additional tips to help enjoy Valentine’s Day with a long-distance partner:

  • Be kind and considerate of your partner in your speech and daily interactions.
  • Connect with intention through daily morning kisses sent via text messages or videos.
  • Send sweet old school love notes in the mail that will arrive on or before Valentine’s Day.
  • Create a care package of your partners favorite things and have it delivered to them with a note that says, “Filled with love, don’t open until V-day.”
  • Plan nighttime virtual cuddling sessions where you lay in bed and talk.
  • Set up the Zoom link for your Valentine’s date night and test to make sure everything works.
  • Choose the restaurant and make sure they have a delivery option in each of your areas. Be sure to time ordering and delivery with the start of your virtual date.
  • Start with a sweet ice breaker like “5 reasons I love you” where each person gives their top 5 reasons for loving the other.  
  • Open delivered gifts together over Zoom.
  • Have a dance break to be romantic and sexy or silly and goofy, depending on what type of couple you are.
  • Be present, have fun and enjoy the evening. 
  • The most important part of it all is to connect with one another and make each other feel special leading up to and on the day. 

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