Corridor Contemporary lets local talent shine in latest exhibit

Corridor Contemporary
‘Philadelphia Featured’ opens this weekend.

Those who call the City of Brotherly Love home know just what makes Philadelphia special—and now there’s an exhibit to prove it. 

Fishtown art gallery Corridor Contemporary has always had a mission to showcase local artists to a diverse audience, and their new “Philadelphia Featured” showcase helps catapult that idea in a fresh way. 

An entire floor of the gallery will be dedicated to highlighting a diverse group of local Philadelphia-based artists, according to a release. Working in a wide range of modes and mediums, the artists featured in the exhibition represent the incredible vibrancy, thoughtfulness, and talent that is omnipresent in the Philadelphia art scene. 

The artists themselves live in the city and are part of the artistic heartbeat. And visitors who head to the new exhibition (opening Aug. 5) will be able to peruse through works from a prolific muralist, a globally recognized street artist, an emerging figurative painter and more. Artists featured in the exhibition include: Samantha Carell, King Saladeen, Ira Upin, Paul Fuentes, Elizabeth Bergeland, Jason Andrew Turner, O’Neil Scott, Seek One, Michael Sikorski and Stephen D’Onofrio.

“Corridor Contemporary has a focus on supporting local artists and this group exhibition will allow the community to see the amazing work being done right here in our city,” says Damian Munoz, Corridor Contemporary’s Gallery Director in a statement. 

Corridor Contemporary has a home in the City of Brotherly Love, but the brand also has a sister site in Tel Aviv, Israel. Both locations simultaneously show exhibitions at their galleries with the intent of highlighting a unique selection of works by international figures and artists local to each space, according to a release. And in direct correlation with their message, the art gallery sees equal importance in supporting local artists and the Philadelphia art community at large. 

Most recently, Corridor also showcased ‘Wall to Wall’ throughout the month of June, which featured public murals and different characteristics of the street artform, like the elaborate wall paintings that graffiti is known for and also wheatpasting. Much like stickering and unlike graffiti, wheatpasting tends to fall into a legal grey area because it is not permanent, does not use harmful chemicals and is bio-degradable.

However, along with the “Philadelphia Featured” exhibition opening in August, Corridor Contemporary will also continue to feature Anthony Rondinone’s “Sunny Days & Lonely Nights” exhibition through the end of August. As Corridor says, Rondinone’s art focuses on reinterpreting familiar pop culture characters to express the different types of people and coping mechanisms he has experienced in the Bronx, where he was born and raised.

For more information go to their website Philadelphians can also get updates by following along on Instagram @corridorphilly and on Facebook @corridorphilly


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