Cosby victim thought drug was ‘medicine,’ kept silence for a year: docs

Cosby victim thought drug was ‘medicine,’ kept silence for a year: docs
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A criminal complaint charging Bill Cosby with sexual assault includes testimony that he told his victim the pills he gave her were “herbal” medicine —and that she kept silent about the attack for more than a year.

Cosby even admitted to drugging and then having sexual relations with alleged victim Andrea Constand,according to thecriminal complaint.

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Admissions Cosby made in 2005 during a deposition for Constand’s civil lawsuit, which were unsealed in July by U.S. District Judge Eduardo Robrenoin response to a request by theAssociated Press, were key to making a case for felony charges, said Montgomery County D.A.-elect Kevin Steele.

Former Montgomery County D.A. Bruce Castor had declined to bring charges against Cosby after Constand’s original report, citing a lack of evidence.

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In that deposition, Cosby openly acknowledged drugging Constand, the complaint states.

According to the criminal complaint:

“He [Cosby] went upstairs and got pills, ‘brought them down,’ and ‘offered them to [the victim].’ Cosby testified that he gave the victim three halved pills, which he described as ‘three friends to make [her] relax.’ …After the administration of the pills, he lifted the victim’s bra so their skin could touch, got behind the victim ‘in a spooning position,’ and, while in that position, he went ‘inside of her pants’ and digitally penetrated the victim’s vagina,”

“There’s not a question of pills being provided to her. There’s not a question of what went on as to the digital penetration,” Steele said at a press conference Wednesday morning announcing the single countof aggravated indecent assault being charged againstCosby.

Cosby also acknowledged obtaining seven prescriptions for Quaaludes in his name, none of of which he ever took or intended to take.

Constandtold investigators that Cosby identified the drugs as “herbal” medicine.

Constand made her first written statement to investigators in January 2005 regarding the incident which occurred between mid-January and mid-February of 2004, when she went to his Cheltenham home to discuss “future career plans.”

Constandtold Cosby she felt “drained” and had been missing sleep. Cosby brought her three blue pills moments later, the complaint states.

“Cosby urged her to take the pills, saying to her ‘[t]hesewill make you feel good. The blue things will take the edge off.’ The victim asked if the pills were herbal and Cosby replied, ‘Yes. Down them. Put ’em down. Put them in your mouth,’ as he motioned for her to put the three blue pills into her mouth. Cosby placed the pills in the victim’s hand and directed her to ‘take the water.’ She told Cosby she trusted him and then used the water to swallow the pills,” the complaint states.

Cosby at one point told investigators that the pills he gave the victim were Benadryl. The exact nature of the pills Cosby gave Constand remains unknown.

Constandtold investigators she called Cosby and confronted him by telephone after the incident, saying “You are a very sick man.” Cosby allegedly “agreed with the accusation and repeatedly apologized,” Constand said, according to the complaint.

Below, read the Cosby criminal complaint.