Creed mansion: you can own Rocky rival’s movie mansion

How many times have you donned sneakers and sweatbands and run the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art so you can feel as mighty as Rocky Balboa?

Imagine that feeling everyday when you come home from work.

Arguably the mightiest of Rocky’s rivals was Apollo Creed and his Philadelphia mansion featured in the movie is going to auction.

A new buzz has been generated for the “Rocky” series after “Creed,” the first “Rocky” movie not written or directed by Sylvester Stallone.

Scenes from the 2015 movie were filmed at the Huntingdon, Pennsylvania estate that will be going to auction on Nov. 2.

From the press release:

To see other real estate owned by Johnny Depp, Sarah Palin, Matt Damon and others,check out the listingson

Boxing fans and “Rocky” followers will also appreciate the mansion’s rags-to-riches story, so important to Stallone’s life and film themes. Built by a self-made auto parts magnate, a coal miner’s son and former mechanic, the property fell on hard times and after nine years was sold back to the bank that has now placed it on the auction block.

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