Criminal defense attorney faces 48 counts

A mugshot of Patrick Francis Lomax

Patrick Francis Lomax, 41, a criminal defense attorney from the Philly suburbs, is facing 48 criminal counts.

NBC reports that Lomax is accused of child pornography for videos he allegedly recorded using hidden cameras, that were planted in bedrooms.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer announced the charges Monday against Lomax. Stollsteimer described Lomax as a “prominent local attorney.”

The 48 counts Lomax is facing include: criminal use of communication facility; produce/present/direct obscene performance by minor; multiple charges of photographing; videotaping, depicting on computer sexual acts of a child under 18; and invasion of privacy, according to NBC.

A victim (not a minor), told Media police that last month, he found two small cameras in a bedroom in Media, Pennsylvania, where Lomax resided. The victim found the third camera in Lomax’s bedroom.

Stollsteimer told outlets that two video cards have been recovered. It was also reported that Lomax can be seen setting up the cameras on the recordings.

NBC reports that the incidents showed sexual encounters going back to 2015. It was made clear that the videos were recorded without the knowledge of those featured in them.

The footage showed nine victims in total. At least three of them were minors at the time the videos were recorded.

“Their privacy was invaded,” Stollsteimer told outlets.

It was reported that Lomax is not accused of setting up any of the sexual encounters filmed, but of recording such incidents.

Investigators let victims know about the videos.

A criminal complaint read that during a search of Lomax’s home last month, he admitted to placing the cameras. Loomax denied knowing what they were recording.

Lomax surrendered on the charges Monday morning, according to the DA’s office.

“He held himself out as standing up for justice, all the while engaging in the appalling conduct alleged in the complaint,” Stollsteimer told outlets.

Court record report that Lomax is being held on a $150,000 bail.