Crowd riots on the streets after Penn State win over Wisconsin

Crowd riots on the streets after Penn State win over Wisconsin
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Police were again forced into action in downtown State College after the Nittany Lions clinched a win over Wisconsin, 38-31, claiming the Big Ten Conference title Saturday.

Authorities employed batons, pepper spray and guns loaded with rubber bullets to control the crowds, which police said in a news conference Sunday was larger than the crowd that formed after the Lions’upset win over Ohio State in October, Penn Live reported.

State College police said October’s crowd — which consisted of 5,000 to 10,000 people — inflicted more than $30,000 in damages. They anticipate as much in damages to property, and said Saturday’s crowd was larger.

University officials had asked students in a letter posted online Thursday to refrain from that kind of behavior should their school win Saturday’s game, saying October’s victory had been “needlessly tarnished by the mayhem that followed.”

Thirteen people were arrestedafter the Ohio State game, and five students were charged with felonies for rioting, according to reports. There were no arrests Saturday, but state police did obtain the identities of those who damaged property; police said those students will be issued citations.