Debra Messing has something to say to Bernie supporters

Debra Messing has something to say to Bernie supporters
Stephanie DeFeo

Debra Messing, Hollywood actress known for her roles in hit shows like “Will & Grace” and “SMASH,” is a big supporter of presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. The 48-year-old star is already in Philadelphia days before the Democratic National Convention doing grassroots work in support of Clinton. Messing chats with us about the dangersof a Trump-Pence presidency and why Bernie Sanders supporters should rally behind Clinton.

Why would a Trump-Pence presidency be dangerous for women?
It would be absolutely devastating for women. I have three beautiful nieces. The idea that they would be growing up in a country where they didn’t have the right to make decisions about their health, after I’ve enjoyed that right my entire life, is so unthinkable. It’s unimaginable. The idea that we would have a government who would be defunding Planned Parenthood, which is something so important to a huge percentage of women in our country. Republicans like Trump and Pence do not respect women as equals.

What would Hillary do to advocate for women?
Hillary Clinton has said she is going to fight for equal pay for women. She is going to fight to protect Planned Parenthood and fight to protect Roe v. Wade.

What do you have to say to Bernie supporters who won’t support Hillary?
I would say I understand the disappointment. He has done something so important for our country. He has brought to light issues that have never been discussed before. He has been instrumental in informing the Democratic platform. So many of the things his supporters wanted have been incorporated because of Bernie into the platform. Before that, however, Hillary and Bernie voted the same way 93 percent of the time when they were in the Senate.

But now with Trump being the alternative…
Please, please look at the long game. The whole goal is progress and progress happens incrementally. We all want it to happen overnight. I wanted gay marriage to be legal a decade ago, but we had to fight for so long and it’s finally here thank God. But progress takes time and the only way to get there is to take steps forward. If they [Bernie supporters] do not support Hillary and Trump is our president — all of the progress that has been made thus far will be decimated. Please think about supporting the environment, immigrants, women, supporting LGBT people. If you think a vote for Hillary is a vote for all of that, then I hope that will make you [Bernie supporters] comfortable with your choice.

Debra Messing will be at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, July 26. Text 47246 to find out more.

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