Department store chairman Boscov announces cancer diagnosis

Department store chairman Boscov announces cancer diagnosis
Courtesy of Talking Points Media

Albert Boscov, chairman of the multi-state family-owned department store chain that bears his name, announced he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Albert Boscov, 87, dispatched a letter Wednesday to the company’s 8,000 employees announcing that he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, 6ABCreported — even as he still showed up for work that day.

“There is no cure. I don’t have a lot of time,” he wrote in theletter,according to 6ABC.

Boscov’s, today said to be the largest family-owned department store in the nation,was founded by Albert’sfather, Solomon, in Reading, Pa. Albertbecame head of the company in 1950.

Boscov’s filed for bankruptcy in 2008 but survived under Albert’s leadership.

The company has been expanding recently, with a new location in Erie, Pa., planned to open this year.

Albert’s nephew, Jim Boscov, became CEO in 2015.

“Our families are solidly behind our very capable team to continue long into the future, doing what we’ve done successfully,” Jim Boscov said in astatement, according to The Morning Call.