Despite SEPTA strike, Metro still hits the stands

Despite SEPTA strike, Metro still hits the stands

Metro Philadelphia will continue its distribution throughout the city and near transit stops amid the strike by SEPTA union workers that began early Tuesday morning.

“All locations will still be serviced during the strike,” Metro U.S. Circulation Director Joseph Lauletta said, adding that certain locations, especially along the PATCO rail line connecting Philadelphia and New Jersey, will see a higher volume of papers each day.

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While Metro is frequently found at SEPTA stations, Lauletta said almost all newspaper boxes and racks are above ground, and therefore are not affected by the strike.

SEPTA closed all stations for the Broad Street and Market-Frankford lines. The one exception is Suburban Station at 16th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard, where Lauletta said Metro keeps a newspaper box inside the station. However, since the Regional Rail has not been affected by the strike, daily issues will still be available.

Lauletta said Metro Philadelphia owns 1,002 newspaper boxes and racks in the region, and 753 within Philadelphia County.

As always, issues of Metro Philadelphia are free.

For those whose commutes no longer include traveling via SEPTA for the duration of the strike, Metro Philadelphia’s content is also available online at, where readers can also sign up for the daily newsletter. For breaking news updates, download the Metro US mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

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