Developer Ori Feibush reaches deal with city over vacant Point Breeze lot

Developer Ori Feibush’s OCF Realty has reached an agreement after a dispute over a vacant city-owned lot in Point Breeze that made international headlines over the past two weeks, according to a report from Philadelinquency.

OCF will reportedly lease the lot from the city, assuming all liability claims, until the Redevelopment Authority decides how to best deal with the land in the long term.

The argument touched off when Feibush, after years of communication with officials about purchasing the 20th and Annin lot adjacent to a coffee shop Feibush owns, decided to clean it out and landscape it, removing several large highway barriers. The city then demanded Feibush restore the land to its original condition, threatening him with a lawsuit.

Feibush responded by creating a website detailing his correspondence with the city over the lot, including messages he said gave him permission to go ahead with the cleanup and citations for trash and snow violations on the lot he claims he received, despite not being its owner.

In addition to drawing the attention of media outlets around the world, the dispute drew the attention of hacktivist collective Anonymous, who released two videos chastising the city and encouraging Philadelphians to protest in an attempt to solicit an apology to Feibush.