Dietz & Watson moves new facility to Tacony

Dietz & Watson delivery truck. Credit: Dietz & Watson Dietz & Watson delivery truck. Credit: Dietz & Watson

A Philadelphia-based deli-meats company is bringing more of its infrastructure closer to its Northeast Philadelphia headquarters.

Dietz & Watson revealed plans Tuesday to build a new trucking and distribution center along the Delaware River at the old Frankford Arsenal in Tacony. The property is adjacent to the company’s headquarters and meat plant on Tacony Street.

“This has been a piece of property that we have been interested in for many, many years but it hadn’t been available previously,” said Steven Aaron, company spokesman. “And after the fire we became aware that the property may be available.”

The $50 million facility, which will stretch out over 200,000 square feet, will replace the Delanco, New Jersey, warehouse that was destroyed in a fire in September 2013.

Aaron said the company will add 48 new jobs in manufacturing, sales and administrative jobs. He added that 110 logistics jobs will be carried over from the New Jersey facility. There are about 700 employees at the company’s headquarters.

“We are very excited that Dietz & Watson has chosen to expand and reinvest in Philadelphia. Today’s announcement is just the latest in a string of great wins for Philadelphia as we help companies to start, stay and grow in our city,”Mayor Michael Nutter said in a statement.

The family-owned company has been headquartered in Philadelphia for 75 years.


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