Why Dionis skincare cares just as much about its goats as it does its products

Dionis cares just as much about its goats as it does its products.

At a quaint little farmhouse in Bucks County, the Dionis brand holds a lot of its products, offices, employees and even a few furry friends in the form of goats on its land. And it’s the latter that really sets this particular beauty venture apart.

Dionis, which was originally founded in 1982 by goat farmer Kate Crosby in Virginia (and named after a beach in Nantucket), moved to Pennsylvania to continue to make its repertoire of offerings, all of which have goat milk in them.

And since then, the concept has been simple: Keep it clean and cruelty-free. Then go the extra mile with some love for the goats.

According to the brand’s now president, Karen Minsky, goat milk and humans actually have a very similar PH balance. This leads to their products being a little more natural. In layman’s terms, it essentially means that when you use any of the lotions, soups, serums or other goodies from Dionis, it’ll practically melt into your skin versus feeling greasy on top.

Karen MinskyProvided

And why does this matter? Well, for Dionis, its mission is to offer products packed full of vitamins and minerals to help support healthy-looking skin that is naturally enriched with high amounts of protein, fat, and vitamins A, D, and E.

As their official site says: “It’s the standard we’ve set for our brand to deliver goat milk products containing the best ingredients to avoid stripping your skin of its natural defenses and that are clinically tested as being the most effective and safe for even the most sensitive skin.”

What that cleanliness refers to is being clear of ingredients like parabens sulfates, phthalates, skin-drying alcohols, chemical sunscreens and other seemingly harmful materials. That detail also goes into the cruelty-free aspect of the items as well. Not one animal is harmed in the making of any products—in fact, the animals who call Dionis home are thriving.

The farmland houses two venues for the business aspect. One is made up of offices, a kitchen, seating areas and even a pool for the employees who work at the brand. For the goats however, they have their own barn as shelter from the elements and a large outside area to play—they are actually very social animals, so they like to stick together for the most part. Goats at Dionis have even been social enough to partake in goat yoga at the farm.

The goat milk for the products however is sourced from privately-owned family farms in the US. These dairy goats are fed a “balanced, vegetarian diet” (which Dionis notes is full of nutrients, and free of antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products, and preservatives) and are living in similar housing structures that they provide at the farms in Bucks County.

It’s a mission of the brand to have an atmosphere that practices what they preach. The farm holds practically just as many goats as they do people, and they are all charmingly named. The products are also all adorned with goats, as is all of the merchandise that the beauty concept offers.


And likely, if you ever get the chance to walk through their property, you’ll see just about every kind of goat-shaped decoration you could ever find.

Dionis’ love of goats and really, goat milk, is what they say fuels the success of their products—which feature items like a goat milk soap bar, goat milk lotions, a collection of coat milk foot care, and even things like a goat milk beauty balm, and a lip mask with, you’ve likely guessed, milk from a goat.

The beauty brand also regularly posts blogs about other uses its favorite ingredient has on humans—and not just on the outside of the body. Most recently, the brand’s blog read an excerpt of goat milk versus cow’s milk by breaking down how utilizing the former in a recipe could help with digestion. And most of their excerpts read similar benefits for a ton of different uses in humans.

It’s an interesting look into just what some beauty industry companies are doing to be naturally innovative….And the long and short of it is, this reporter had no idea just how much goat milk could be used, or really, loved. And how much that would transfix a company into adopting a herd of goats as part of the brand’s family.

But for Dionis, it’s a day at the office.

To learn more about everything that Dionis offers for both its skincare and its goats, visit dionisgmskincare.com