Doja Cat talks music, fame and staying true to herself

Doja Cat
Doja Cat performs on stage during the 2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 24, 2022.
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

By Gabriela Acosta, MWN

Originally from Los Angeles, Doja Cat has made a name for herself after releasing her debut album “Amala” in March 2018. Then came “Mooo!!!,” a track that went viral and became popular on the YouTube platform and introduced – in a way – the rapper to the world. 

After her success with “Say So” in 2020, Doja’s career got a big boost. According to Spotify, she is now among the top 10 most streamed artists in the world.

In just one year, the artist has been touring, collaborating and showing her peculiar personality.

Doja Cat talked to Metro about her life and musical process.

How do you work to not to lose authenticity in such a tough industry?

I’ve always been clear with myself, I’m true to my essence as Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini. Still, I enjoyed doing this character in the music industry because performing is something that makes me just as happy. I feel powerful when I sing, write, dance or am on stage, but I don’t want that ‘fame’ I have now to impact the real woman I am.

You have a lot of influence. Is that a blessing or a headache?

I get to do what I love on stage, just that. To say that I can’t be an influence for someone would be lying, but I just want to make music however I can, sometimes good, sometimes sh*t… The important thing is to share my way of being through music and I try to do it with humor. It’s still hard for me to adapt to the rhythm, the poses and the compromises in this medium, so I try to do it my way, so it’s not boring but fun.

What is your musical process like?

A little bit of everything. Whenever I finish something, I want to change things all the time. In the end, I enjoy being able to share them. In my process, there is never a lack of good vibes and I celebrate everything that sounds good, as well as the comments.

How do you react when people say you are a viral artist?

I laugh, I enjoy it and I take advantage of it. I have worked very hard and the fact that my music can be taken as part of a person’s life, well, that’s enough, no matter the origin.

How do you get along with social networks?

I have a weird relationship. I avoid jumping from one place to another because the networks tend to cause me some discomfort. I appreciate the great help they have given to my career, but I don’t usually feel comfortable, so I try to share things full of humor. I like fashion stuff, makeup, and pets, but I try to keep a line for mental health.

What’s your next crazy thing?