Drivers, beware: New red light cameras are coming to Northeast Philly

Speeding drivers, beware: new red light cameras will go live at three intersections in Northeast Philadelphia at midnight Friday morning.

Located at Academy Road and Grant Avenue, Woodhaven and Knights roads and Bustleton Avenue and Byberry Road, they will bring the city’s total number of red light cameras to 108 at 24 different intersections.

“With traffic offenses decreasing by an average of close to 60 percent
at intersections with cameras, this program is proving its value for
making intersections safer for drivers and pedestrians alike,” said
Executive Director of the Philadelphia Parking Authority Vince Fenerty in a statement. “I am excited for it to expand
to over 100 cameras in the City of Philadelphia and I know these three
new intersections will benefit from their presence.”

Drivers at the intersections will have a 60-day grace period during which they will receive warnings for violating the signals, but after Dec. 18th, they will be fined $100 for each infraction. Warning signs are posted at the intersection sand the cameras have all been tested to ensure the yellow signals are four seconds each.