Eight people charged with making false claims against SEPTA

Eight people have been charged with insurance fraud and criminal conspiracy for allegedly making false injury claims stemming from a SEPTA bus incident in 2009.

SEPTA contacted the District Attorney’s office in April of this year after receiving several allegedly fraudulent claims related to a Dec. 23, 2009 incident when the mirror of a Loomis armored car grazed the mirror of a stopped SEPTA bus in Center City.

According to prosecutors, surveillance video shows six of the eight claimants were not on the bus at the time of the incident. Prosecutors allege that Eric Lovett, who can be seen on video outside of the bus, requested an incident card from the operator and convinced five people on the street or in his neighborhood to file claims in return for monetary compensation.

The two defendants who were on the bus at the time of the incident, Lorraine Huff, 45, and Malik Spivey, 21, showed no apparent injury based on the video and witness testimony, prosecutors claim. Each of the defendants retained the same attorney and went to the Center City Medical Center for various injuries such as back and neck pain.

Additionally, prosecutors said, the attorney representing the eight claimants also filed claims against Brinks, which he mistakenly believed owned Loomis. Even after being informed of his error, he continued to pursue the claims against Brinks, prosecutors claim.

Three of the defendants – Huff, Faith Rowley, 46, and 55-year-old Arthur Whaley – are also charged with perjury for allegedly lying during depositions. Also charged in the conspiracy are Kitt Smith, 48, Avis Jackson, 56, and Stephanie Williams, 36, all of Philadelphia.

All eight defendants were arrested last month and are scheduled to appear in court Oct. 15.