Electro Night 2.0 takes over Warehouse on Watts

Warehouse on Watts

Philadelphia’s devoted fans of electronic dance music, live and in DJ form (EDM) can rejoice this weekend when Electro Night 2.0 takes over Northern Liberties’ Warehouse on Watts on Saturday, Feb. 5, with a thrilling lineup.

Electro Night 2.0 comes with the potential of doubling the number of attendees from its first iteration — Electro Night at S. 11th Street’s Top Tomato — thanks to the energy and muzik coming from its promoter and DJ, Augie Kelliher, a 19-year-old Philadelphia artist and student in Drexel University music industry/production program.

Electronic or otherwise, Kelliher has forever lived a life in dedication to and obsession of music of all stripes, as he currently works between pop and blues, and creating with fellow Philadelphians such as folk singer-songwriter Jacob Mathews.


“I started out playing the piano and violin as a kid, and both of my parents are music teachers, so I grew up in a very musical and very loud household,” said Kelliher. “I started learning that I could write music on the piano, and immediately fell in love with the idea of writing for a living.”

Kelliher soon became obsessed with EDM as a sound and a lifestyle—he has a vivid memory and cheerful recollection.

“I remember my little brother was crying in the kitchen and I turned on the radio to soothe him, only to hear “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. My brother immediately looked up, and started smiling. That’s when I realized the impact that this music could have on people, and fell in love with the genre.”

Kelliher discovered that singing wasn’t his forte, and got into making hip hop beats on his computer using Logic Pro X. Bored, however, of making loops, the music of Martin Garrix and Avicii made him switch over to making EDM music.

After creating EDM mixes for friends and throwing packed-to-the-gills parties at South Philly pizza parlors, Kelliher is ready for larger rooms such as the 200+ environs of Warehouse on Watts in NoLibs with five fellow local DJs and electro music makers, including Kito, Space Heaters, Graw and High Society. Noting that each of his Philly EDM makers have great Instagram followings, Kelliher is excited about the possibilities of crowding the WoW.

“WoW seems really cool,” enthuses Kelliher. “I really like the layout of the room, and it’s a very friendly space. Anyone looking to see what an Augie K show looks and sounds like, check it out.”

Electro Night 2.0 takes place at Warehouse on Watts on Saturday, Feb. 5. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Show starts at 8 p.m. Attendees must be 18 to party, 21 to drink. ID is required. For information, visit wowphilly.com