Everything you need to know about SEPTA’s Key


Starting Monday, customers will gain access to SEPTA’s much-anticipated (and long-delayed) Key program.

Up to 10,000 transit riders, part of SEPTA’s Early Adopters program, will be able to purchase monthly or weekly trans passes with their Key cards.

How can I get a Key card?

Starting at 6 a.m. Monday, riders will be able to purchase cards at 12 subway stations and SEPTA’s headquarters at 1234 Market St.

There will be two types of the convenient chip card: personalized and instant. According to SEPTA, the personalized card will have the rider’s name imprinted on the front, and can only be purchased through the SEPTA Key website; Instant cards are $4.95 and can be purchased at kiosks, sales locations and external sales outlets.

Which lines will accept Key?

Subway lines, city and suburbanbuses, trolley lines and the Norristown High Speed Line will accept Key TransPasses.

Can I still use my tokens?

Yes. All existing fare payment methods will be accepted and be available for purchase throughout the testing period. SEPTA assured its customers there will be advanced public notice before any existing fare methods, including paper transfers and tickets,are phased out.

What’s so great about Key, anyway?

Well, aside from not having to buy (and carry) tokens, Key is a reloadable chip card. Basically, you can use your debit or credit card or cash and coins to add money to cards online or at Key kiosks. There’s also an option for automatic refilling. So monthly and weeklyTransPass holders won’t have to receive a new card each period, but instead will be able to add more money onto their existing card.

What if I still don’t like SEPTA?

Neither does this guy.

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