Everything you need to know about the 27th annual Philadelphia Film Festival

Philadelphia Film Festival

The 27th annual Philadelphia Film Festival starts this week, and there are plenty of entertaining and unique films to catch around town. More than 25,000 dedicated film lovers and scores of talented filmmakers gather for this incredible eleven-day event. Here is what to expect for the 2018 Philadelphia Film Festival.

When is the 2018 Philadelphia Film Festival

The Philadelphia Film Festival is made possible by the Philadelphia Film Society. According to their website, the PFS is a member-supported nonprofit arts organization that creates opportunities for diverse communities to experience film through initiatives that inspire, educate, challenge and entertain.

The festival features films from other prestigious film festivals such as Sundance, Berlin, Cannes and Toronto. The most thought-provoking and interesting works are brought to the City of Brotherly Love for Philadelphians to enjoy. Along with showing amazing films the festival offers exclusive events with actors, directors and industry guests as well as VIP receptions.

The Philadelphia Film Society is affiliated with two theaters: The Roxy is located in Rittenhouse Square and this eclectic and cozy theater is perfect for viewing the festivals’ screenings. Although The Roxy will not be participating in the festival, it is home of PFS’ year-round programming, focusing on extending the festival experience beyond October with the best in contemporary film internationally and classic favorites from all eras. The second theater is the Philadelphia Film Center (formerly Prince Theater) which is the home of Philly’s largest movie screen. This performance venue houses most of Philly’s live arts and major film events. The Philadelphia Film Center will host some of the films for the festival as well as the Ritz East and Ritz Five. 

There are numerous films to be excited for at the Philadelphia Film Festival. You can expect showcases highlighting masters of cinema, films from Spain and Latin America, American Independents, new French films, documentaries, Philadelphia filmmakers, live-action and animated shorts and more.

Philadelphia Film Festival

2018 Philadelphia Film Festival lineup 

The opening film on Thursday night is Ben is Back a film about a family trying to fight through their son’s addiction starring Julia Roberts and Courtney B. Vance.  Other film highlights include Boy Erased; a film directed by Joel Eggerton starring Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman about a minister’s son who tries to comes to terms with his sexuality and copes with the disapproval of his parents and Can You Ever Forgive Me?; a film starring Melissa McCarthy based on a true story of once-famous and now-desperate author Lee Israel forging historic letters for money. You can find the full schedule of films here.

There will be opening night and closing night parties to look forward to. Opening night festivities will be held at the Philadelphia Film Center and The Liberty View at the Independence Visitor Center. Closing night celebrations will be at the Philadelphia Film Center and Aqimero located in the Ritz Carlton lobby. 

Tickets are available online and there are also different curated packages to choose from including World Perspectives, PFF Sampler, Dark Shadows and Festival Circuit for a guided festival experience.