Feds: mailman stashed mail in car, garage

Feds: mailman stashed mail in car, garage
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A mailman in the Tacony section of the city stashed undelivered mail in his car and in garbage bags in his house, federal prosecutors said.

Patrick D’Ambrosio, 48, was charged with one count of obstructing the passage of mail, which is a misdemeanor. Prosecutors say D’Ambrosio worked as a mail carrierfrom May 2014 to January 2015 in the 19135 zipcode.

How much mail went undelivered? The postal service actually counted.

Here’s the tally:

  • 7,182 First Class letters
  • 220 First Class Certified letters
  • 11,734 Standard letters, five U.S. Treasury checks
  • 307 pieces of political mail
  • 2,508 non-profit letters
  • 417 Second Class periodicals
  • 137 small parcels.

The tally also includes outgoing mail from his route.D’Ambrosio faces six months in jail if convicted.