Shedding a light on Dining in the Dark

Dining In The Dark
Dining In The Dark presented by Fever.

The city is full of dinner options, but none quite like this.

Fever, an event company that aims to showcase the best of the best from London to New York to Paris and beyond has set its sights on the City of Brotherly Love. What Fever, also called the “Netflix of experiences,” offers ranges from concerts to culture and pop-ups in each place it occupies—and the latter offers an experience like no other right here in Philly.

And it all happens when no one is looking.

Dining in the Dark is currently running at The Twisted Tail in Headhouse Square every Wednesday throughout March. With three courses and three different options to choose from (meat, seafood or vegan), diners are led on a journey of senses utilizing taste and smell—sight is on the back burner for the evening.

How does it work? To start, the already dimly lit venue is completely blacked out on its second floor with just a few candles present to light the way. While you sign in and wait, a server comes to lead you to your table, which feels intimate even though most of these dinners (two seatings per night) sell out. As you order drinks (a slew of cocktails and soft drinks are available), you’re then instructed to put on your blindfold.

Dining In The Dark

The rest of the experience is highly curated, and you are on a ride of not knowing what to expect. Each time a course is brought out, servers give you hints on how to eat it, and you go in on blind faith. Luckily, the food is as flavorful as the experience is unique. What makes it more fun and interactive is the time spent after each course where the room tries to guess what was served.

Backed by renowned psychologists, and proving popular in many other locations where Fever is present such as Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand, Philadelphia is the newest U.S. installment of the gastronomic experience.

The event was created to not only offer an innovative experience for their users, but also to create opportunity for those who have been adversely affected by the pandemic, by partnering with world-class venues and leading chefs, producers and restaurateurs, a release states.

Fever seems to know what they’re doing, too… the event curation company reaches over 60 million users each month with their immersive experiences.

Dining In The Dark

The 90-minute tasting adventure will run sessions every Wednesday through March. Tickets are currently available on Fever’s marketplace online for $80 per person. Admission includes a blindfold and three-course meal, while carefully crafted wine and cocktail pairings are offered for additional purchase on the day of the event.

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