Flyers’ Dave Hakstol mocks idea of Americans fleeing Trump to Canada

Flyers’ Dave Hakstol mocks idea of Americans fleeing Trump to Canada
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Philadelphia Flyers head coach Dave Hakstol, a dual citizen of the United States and Canada, finds all the talk about disappointed Democrats fleeing the county to be disturbing.

“Personally, those are asinine comments,” he said on the CSNPhilly website.”That’s just my view on it. You are either all in or you’re not. You got a choice to make there.”

Early Wednesday morning when it became clear Donald Trump was destined to become the next U.S. president, the Canadian immigration website crashed due to too much traffic. Twitter exploded with users contemplating an escape from four years of a Trump administration.

“We better leave the political talk there or it will get me on a tangent we don’t want to go,” Hakstol said after the Flyers loss on Tuesday night. “Like I said, you are either all in or not. There is no halfway. So, make a choice.”

Hakstolisn’t the only Philadelphia sports figure who was shocked by Trump’s victory. In the Eagles locker room ahead of the team’s preparation to host the Falcons Sunday, two of the team’s most outspokenleaders, safety Malcolm Jenkins and receiver Jordan Matthews, were flabbergasted by the outcome.

“To now see [Trump] in the throne, in the seat, is nerve-racking,” Jenkins told reporters.”I think there is a lot of concern.”

“America gets a choice and will have to live with the choice,” Matthews added.

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