Folk You Philly brings together local artists for casual conversation

The former drummer of local indie favorite Toy Soldiers has a new passion.

Under the tongue-in-cheek banner of Folk You Philly, Mike Baurer’s website, podcast and live shows are an attempt to connect a budding scene of singer-songwriters with audiences — and each other.

“At a certain point, I was like, ‘I have a bunch of friends that would be into this, and I have access to a studio space,'” says Baurer. “Let’s just bring artists in and talk to them in a different way — talk to them in a way that’s loose and friendly and less formal than usual.”

Along with producer Kyle Graham, over the last year Baurer has created 13 podcasts, featuring dozens of local musicians in intimate performances and conversations.

But on Saturday, Folk You is bringing the show onstage at the Fire to record a night of interviews, goofball antics and plugged-in rockin’ sets by Philly bands Toy Soldiers, The Lawsuits, The Vintage Kicks and Brad Hinton.

And this time Baurer plans to be onstage, too, leading the festivities.

“For me this is better than being in a band,” he says. “I get to hang out, have a good time and listen to my friends playing music that I love.”

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