Former PLCB Chairman Comes Out in Support of Privatization

Former PLCB Chairman Jonathan Newman was at the Wine School in Fairmount this afternoon with Rep. Mike Turzai (R—Allegheny) to announce his support of Turzai’s liquor privatization bill.

“Jonathan is probably the gold standard in terms of knowing how to bring quality products and services to the consumer while doing it in a responsible manner,” Turzai said. “Nobody has a more detailed understanding, both from public and private sector experience.”

The bill would auction off retail licenses to raise revenue for the state, replace the current Johnstown Flood Tax and 30 percent markup with a gallonage tax and offer tax credits, job training and other benefits to displaced PLCB employees.

Turzai hopes to put it to a vote in September after a series of public hearings over the next month.

For more information on the bill’s fiscal details, the governor’s take and why now is the prime time for privatization, pick up a copy of tomorrow’s Metro.