Former SEPTA cop convicted in scuffle with nurse case

Former SEPTA cop convicted in scuffle with nurse case

A jury has convicted a former SEPTA cop accused of chasing and handcuffing a woman who was trying to file a complaint against him with officials at Suburban Station.

Douglas Ioven, 44, was convicted of false imprisonment and official oppression on Monday. But he evaded conviction on assault charges, theInquirer reported.

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Nigerian immigrant and nurse Muibat Williamson, 54, accused Ioven ofchasing her and banging her head into an ATM machineon the morning of Christmas Day 2013 when he saw her knocking on the SEPTA police office in Suburban Station moments after they argued inside a Dunkin Donuts in the station.

Williamson testified she was trying to file a complaint becauseIoven cut in front of her in line at the Dunkin Donuts, then stepped on her toe as he left, and refused toapologize when asked.

After Iovenchased her down,other SEPTA police officers cuffed her briefly before letting her go with a citation.

Williamson, who claimed she suffered headaches for two weeks after banging her head and is now fearful of police,has filed a federal lawsuit against SEPTA, which is still pending.

Ioven was booted from the SEPTA police force over the incidenta few months later.