Free drinks for parking tickets?

Free drinks for parking tickets?

Got a parking ticket? A restaurant off of South Street is offering a deal that might ease the pain.

Twisted Tail, which sits on the 500 block of S. 2nd Street, says it will give out free drinks for patrons who get stuck with a ticket. They announced the deal after the Philadelphia Inquirer found that the Philadelphia Parking Authority issues more tickets on that block than any other.

“We look outside our window, and we see swarms of PPA people,” owner George Reilly said of the 4-year-old restaurant off of Headhouse Square.

He said his employees regularly have to set alarms to remind themselves to feed nearby parking meters.

There are some limitations to the offer. The free drink they are offering come from their list of “infused” cocktails. That means that they take a base liquor, such as bourbon, and flavor it with something, like peaches.

The bar typically has three to five infusions on hand. You can drink them straight or have them made into a cocktail.

The deal can make sense, especially for drivers who are considering parking in a garage. The closest one to the restaurant charges $29 on weekend nights.

A parking ticket for an expired meter will set you back $36.

Twisted Tail charges $9 for one of the cocktails.

Some simple math: $36 minus $9 equals $27.

In other words: getting a ticket and a free drink might cost less than parking in a private garage.

Or you could just ride your bike.