Free Library Hosts Barcentric Author Event Tonight

The Free Library of Philadelphia’s central branch is hosting a barcentric author event tonight as part of an attempt to attract an underserved demographic: young adults who have graduated from college but do not yet have children.

The free event features Philadelphia Weekly writer Brian McManus, author of Philadelphia’s Best Dive Bars: Drinking and Diving in the City of Brotherly Love and The Regulars author-photographer Sarah Stolfa, who assembled the book of portraits after tending bar at McGlinchey’s for ten years.

For more information on this and other Free Library young adult outreach efforts, pick up a copy of tomorrow’s Metro.

Brian McManus: Philadelphia’s Best Dive Bars – Drinking and Diving in the City of Brotherly Love and Sarah Stolfa: The Regulars

When: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 7:30PM

Where: Central Library, 1901 Vine Street

Cost: FREE

No tickets required. For more infomation, call 215-567-4341.

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