Glen Macnow: NFL Playoffs prove Carson Wentz move was the right one

Glen Macnow: NFL Playoffs prove Carson Wentz move was the right one
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Random thoughts while sleep-walking through six hours of NFL blowouts this weekend:

Wentzwas right

If the playoffs prove anything, it’s the necessity of the franchise quarterback. The Final Four teams boasted three Hall of Famers and a fourth, in Matt Ryan, who was the league’s top player in 2016.

This is why the Eagles were smart to give as much as they did for Carson Wentz last offseason. You may not think Wentz has star potential — but I sure do. And with no top QB prospects coming out this year, the timing was right.

Here are the age-25-and-under NFL signal callers worth a damn: Derek Carr, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Dak Prescott … and Wentz. That group will soon start winning its share of Super Bowls.

Whereveryou Rowe

On the other hand, watching Eric Rowe start at CB for the Patriots in the Super Bowl only reminds us the Eagles are prone to rash personnel decisions. On Monday, Howie Roseman went on 94WIP trying — not very successfully — to defend the trade of a second-year player with promise. Roseman seemed to concede he may have made a mistake there.

It seems clear Roseman is covering for defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who soured on Rowe and favored Leodis McKelvin, his old CB from Buffalo. Rowe slid down the Eagles depth chart and was eventually traded for 50 cents on the dollar.

McKelvin, frankly, reeked in 2016. Meanwhile, Rowe may soon be sporting a Super Bowl ring. Oh, and he cost $2 million less than McKelvin this season.

For Christie’s sake

I don’t live in New Jersey, so I won’t comment on Chris Christie’s work as governor. But as a sports fan, he’s the worst there is. Christie grew up 25 miles west of Manhattan but, like other lost souls and school-yard wimps, declared his childhood love for the Cowboys. Probably had a cheerleader poster over his bed and spent afternoons practicing drawing the star.

More recently, he’s been the barnacle in Jerry Jones’ box, seeking man hugs when his beloved Cowboys find success.

I’ve never understood folks — let alone a state’s leader — who root against the common interest of their communities. But Christie last week trolled thousands of his constituents, calling Eagles fans “generally awful, sad people.” Funny, he didn’t mind them a few years back when he was trawling through South Jersey for votes.

Kelly watch

Yes, Chip Kelly was at Patriots practice last week, the guest of Bill Belichick. No, there isn’t confirmation he drew up that flea-flicker Tom Brady threw for a TD to Chris Hogan.

Kelly has put out word he doesn’t want to return to college coaching and would take an assistant’s job in the NFL next season. The Patriots make perfect sense, even if offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel stays. Look for Chipper as that mysterious “special assistant” to Belichick, rehabbing his image and career.

Final thought

And if I’m Belichick, I place a call to Doug Pederson asking how the Eagles kept Atlanta to 15 points and 11 first downs back in November. Come to think of it, I’d love to know the answer to that one myself.