Glen Macnow: Phillies are finally righting the ship, Amaro moves on

Glen Macnow: Phillies are finally righting the ship, Amaro moves on
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It’s easy to chortle at former Phils GM Ruben Amaro taking the lowly job as Red Sox first base coach. What a deep fall from directing an elite Major League franchise to hitting fungos. But Amaro wants to reinvent himself as a manager and knows the route is to start as an in-uniform, on-field instructor. I’ll salute him for putting aside pride and starting where he must.

All best wishes to Phils new General Manager Matt Klentak, although we all know that – title or not – Andy MacPhail is really the man serving the traditional GM role. Give the franchise credit over the past year for tearing down the foundation of the tenement house it had become – new roster, new manager, new GM, new president, new voice over ownership. And yet, watching that amazing young rotation of the Mets, I expect that contending again in the NL East could take years.

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A few more thoughts…

  • Speaking of not competing for years, I heard an NBA beat guy on with WIP’s Sonny Hill last Sunday. They were speculating on next year’s draft lottery and whom the Sixers might land. Wait, the season hasn’t even started and we’re looking ahead to next year? Again? Sorry, Sons of Sam Hinkie. You can “trust the process.” I’m out of patience.
  • Too early to tell what the Flyers will be this season, but last week was encouraging. A comeback OT road win over Boston, followed by the shootout victory (rare) over the Rangers (even rarer), gave fans genuine excitement for a change. Hmm, perhaps a team can rebuild without tanking an entire decade.
  • So long, Dom Brown. As an early believer, I thought your talent would make you a star. It was your non-caring attitude and poor work ethic that dooms you to the dustbin of failed prospects. Go wear your Dallas Cowboys jersey somewhere else.