Grandson of Camden City Council president found dead

Curtis Jenkins III, 20, the grandson of Camden City Council President Curtis Jenkins was found dead on Tuesday after he was reported abducted Sunday night.

Dan Keashen, a rep for the Camden County Metro Police Department, told that Curtis Jenkins III was found dead by police at 11:30 p.m. within the 1,000 block of Liberty St. 

NBC reports that the body was found in the garage of an abandoned row home. Jenkins body was found about a block from his home, where he resided with his father. 

Earlier this week, Curtis Jenkins III was abducted by an assailant, now identified as Brandon Beverly, 32, of Westville, New Jersey. Beverly will be facing charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault. It remains unclear if Beverly was connected to Jenkins in any way. Beverly was charged before before the body was found. 

It is being reported that Monday morning, Curtis Jenkins Jr, the father of the victim, received a telephone call from his son’s kidnapper as well as a photograph of his son tied up. 

It is believed that the assailant lured Jenkins out on Sunday night to make a food delivery. Jenkins ran a food business through a Facebook page. Sources reported to that when Jenkins delivered the meal to Beverly, Beverly abducted him and demanded drugs from the family as ransom. Beverly is currently being held in the Camden County Jail. 

Camden County Police Chief Scott Thomson told outlets that “based on the information from the investigation thus far, we do not believe this was a random act, but rather a calculated plot to entrap and abduct the victim,” 

The victim’s cause of death has not been disclosed to outlets.

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