Gritty interview: The beloved mascot talks Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk and being a viral sensation

Gritty interview

Entertainment Weekly decided to get Gritty with it and interview the giant, furry and amazingly orange Flyer’s mascot. Gritty was introduced only a few months ago and he has officially taken the world by storm. EW named Gritty one of the “10 things that rocked the internet this year” and found time in the infamously loved mascot’s schedule to chat with him in an entertaining Gritty interview. 

Gritty interview: The beloved mascot talks Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk and being a viral sensation. 

Gritty is anything but modest, the orange fireball was happy to be named such a viral sensation by EW “I mean it’s nice.” But he also wants his cash money, “It’ll mean a heck of a lot more when I receive that monetary cash prize (you guys have my address right? I can’t do Venmo anymore).” When asked if he always wanted to be a mascot, the rookie was very candid, “I’d like to say my dreams are as big as Knickers the cow, but I try not to dream too much after watching Inception.”

Knickers the cow is the mighty 6’4” 2,800-pound cow that took the internet by storm a few weeks ago, and Gritty seems to be his biggest fan. In fact, he thinks that Knickers is the true viral star. “TBH Knickers the giant cow is huuuuuge right now. Literally. 12/10 would pet.” Then things got a bit weird, “Someone photoshopped me on Knickers and I’ve never looked more majestic.” 

Gritty interview

But of course, like any true Philadelphian, Gritty has an extreme sense of confidence. He doesn’t understand why people are scared of him (“those nightmares get about 29 miles to the gallon, so I’d say the fuel level is great”), he actually thinks the utmost of himself being “tall, dark burnt orange and handsome.” Gritty knows people actually love him and listen to what he says, especially on social media. “Every time I get on Twitter, I get this tingling feeling in my furry fingers when I know I’m about to send a fire tweet.”

Gritty is so famous he has even been compared to Kanye West, but don’t expect him to have a West-styled meltdown, “Ou contrare, I’m predicting an Elon Musk-level ascension. All the way to the freaking MOON! Also, ATTN KIM K: if Kanye really did melt and you need a shoulder to cry on, I’ve been told this fur works wonders to heal the soul.” 

So what’s next for Gritty? EW asked that exact question during their Gritty interview, “I thought Next was that dating show on MTV. They canceled that I think if I remember correctly. Shame. But, to top my 2018? Probs counting down til’ midnight with [Flyers player] Claude [Giroux] — dream big ya know?” 

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