Help is (hopefully) on the way for 76ers

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Now that the news has settled in regarding Jerry Colangelo’s role with the 76ers, other pieces could be on the way.

The 76-year-old Colangelo was named as the team’s Chairman of Basketball Operations in hopes of turning around this careening franchise.

The Sixers are 1-25 and could easily shatter the all-time dubious record of nine wins set in 1972-73.

Whether the league stepped in or whether the Sixers reached out to Colangelo – this is still a major hire. A ripple effect is sure to be coming.

Reports have surfaced stating that Mike D’Antoni will soon become the associate head coach. Having that type of veteran presence next to head coach Brett Brown is vital.

Then there’s the report about either Elton Brand or Shane Battier being added to the roster. The Sixers are currently the youngest team in league history and have desperately needed leadership.

Brown was recently given a two-year contract extension through the 2018-19 season.

How many of the current players will still be here that year? Jahlil Okafor seems to be a given. Not even Nerlens Noel can be considered a slam dunk.

Nor can Sam Hinkie.

Hinkie’s “process” of rebuilding the Sixers has taken them to dark depths over the last two-plus seasons. Only 38 wins have been celebrated. There have been 152 losses.

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All of this losing helps with ping pong balls. Not with the psyche of young players like Okafor, who is simply not used to all of these losses. It has to be difficult.

The Sixers aren’t likely to win many games the rest of the season.

But they could possess as many as four first round draft picks if everything shakes out the right way. If they don’t land the No. 1 overall pick, this whole plan could backfire.

Noel’s long-term impact is unknown. Joel Embiid’s future is murky as he sits out a second straight season. There’s absolutely no way to know what lies ahead for this potential franchise cornerstone. Dario Saric could join the Sixers next season. Nothing has been finalized.

The upcoming draft will be fascinating.

Over the next six months and beyond, keep an eye on Colangelo. This is one of the brightest executives in the league and USA Basketball. He’s brilliant, respected and motivated in every way to succeed. Just check his background.

Colangelo would never take this position without wanting to do it his way.

Seasons like this just won’t be tolerated.

Look for more changes. It all makes sense.

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