Help name this baby donkey!

It all began with a pregnant miniature donkey named Sadie.

The PSPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement officers rescued Sadie and another minidonkey, Romeo, from a Huntingdon County farm in January.

Sadie and Romeo’s owners “seemingly vanished,” a PSPCA spokeswoman said, and they were “left, starving, to fend for themselves,” along with a cow, a goat, chickens, roosters and two beagles. Neighbors tipped off the PSPCA, who discovered that Sadie was pregnant.

Donkey pregnancies last 11 to 14 months, so they weren’t sure when she would give birth.

But early on May 7, at the PSPCA’s Erie Avenue headquarters, Sadie gave birth to a foal.

“Likely a result of her early neglect, Sadie’s baby, though very handsome, has a few health complications, including some that require blood transfusions,” the PSPCA said in a press release. “He will need supplemental feedings, and many more medical procedures, but we are confident he will grow up to be a beautiful healthy boy.”

Now the PSPCA is asking the public to vote on the foal’s name. They are offering five choices (so no, Foaly McFoalface will not be the winner) and asking for a $5 donation in exchange for the opportunity to vote.

The five options are:

Lil’ Sebastian



J.R. (Romeo Jr.)


Visit to place your vote.

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