Here’s what’s under the big top at the UniverSoul Circus in Philly this year

UniverSoul Circus

Philly’s own Fairmount Park will be taken over by the nation’s leading circus performance, the UniverSoul Circus. This year marks a special milestone for the show, as 2018 is the 25th anniversary for UniverSoul Circus, and the vibrant production is not holding back.

Everything you need to know about the UniverSoul Circus in Philly

The circus will feature plenty of heart-pounding, mouth-dropping entertainment including motorcycle stunts (think a ramp park on steroids), high wire routines, trapeze artists, dancers on stilts and much more. With all of the beloved stunts and talented acts from previous years also comes new performances for this year including a trampoline act. 

The best part of the show is that the audience becomes apart of all of the fun. Although they may not be able to try out the trapeze or shoot out of a cannon, the circus invites patrons to sing along, dance in the aisles or even volunteer to be a part of the UniverSoul Circus Soul Train Line. 

UniverSoul Circus

The UniverSoul Circus is so much more than just an extremely amusing show; since its establishment in 1994, the circus has focused on highlighting the talents of people of color. The talented performers are from all over the world and showcase all types of talents, acts and music including pop, classic R&B, Latin, hip-hop, jazz and gospel. 

The circus was founded initially by Cedric Walker, after researching African American entertainment from the turn of the century he had a vision of a show featuring talented acrobats, performers and more from all over with different backgrounds. The circus currently has performers from at least 24 different countries around the world. 

UniverSoul Circus

The UniverSoul Circus will open in Philly at 52nd Parkside Ave. on Nov. 8  and will run until Dec. 2 with various show times throughout the three and a half week span. Ticket prices range around $20; you can purchase them and learn more about the show at