High Street on Market is now offering dinner 7 nights a week and even brought back an old favorite

High Street on Market

High Street on Market has always been known for its delicious take on seasonal flavors, detail to presentation and overall tasty dishes that many diners simply can’t forget. Now all High Street fans can rejoice and those who haven’t been yet can set a date — High Street on Market is finally offering dinner service seven days a week (starting at 5 pm). 

High Street on Market is now offering dinner 7 nights a week and even brought back an old favorite

The dinner menu features a colorful variety of options utilizing sustainably sourced seafood and the best of the region’s produce making the dining experience as enjoyable as the ambiance—- which is warm, chic and completely worth a visit, but who would expect anything less from a restaurant genius like Ellen Yin?

Dinner menu highlights include LBI scallop crudo (with yuzo kosho and brown butter), brussel sprouts (with peanuts and fish sauce vinaigrette), chicken nuggs (with tempura and torn herbs), glazed pork belly (with charred cabbage, apple and celery root), flat iron steak (with roman gnocchi and mushroom ragout) and scarpinocc (with wild mushrooms, pistachio, grilled corn and goat cheese) just to name a few culinary accolades. 

But one menu item certainly brings back some familiar flavors: the Angry Crab Spaghetti. This item was deemed a cult classic and was even credited for “sealing the DNC in 2016 for Philly,” by “Billy Penn” and the “New York Times.” The dish, made with Old Bay-flavored pasta, Jonah crab, celery leaf and bread crumbs was out of commission for a few years, and now it’s back to tickle every Philadelphian’s tastebuds in a delicious way. 

High Street on Market

Metro chatted with Chef Allen Walski to learn more about the new dinner service and the famed Angry Crab Spaghetti. 

What can Philadelphians expect from the hyper-seasonal dinner menu now being offered 7 days a week?

The High Street menu is all about the American food experience – iconic dishes and classic flavor combination with a twist – and, as always, very seasonal. We are working with two incredible NJ seafood purveyors that I’m personally so excited about, so we’re serving some top-notch fish. The food is approachable and fun. It’s a neighborhood restaurant, a place for a quick casual bite, or it’s a night-on-the-town kind of place. That’s why we want to serve dinner every night of the week.

How would you describe the signature Angry Crab Spaghetti dish for those who have never tried it?

It’s like the greatest crab cake that is also a bowl of spaghetti. The pasta has Old Bay in it and Crab — like two peas in a pod. The dish is simple, so clean and it’s easy to discern each flavor: a hint of spice, sweet crab and fresh spaghetti.

Why is it such a hit, and why choose now to bring it back?

I wanted to bring it back because our menu is about classics. Our Crab Spaghetti is our iconic dish. When my fiancé and I came to eat here for the first time, a few years back, it blew us away. We both grew up on the Jersey Shore eating seafood and we loved this dish. When I started here I had to ask Chef Eli how it was made. [It’s time to] give the people what they want and [make] really great food.

Any other menu items stand out?

I’m a sucker for Brussels sprouts, they’re my favorite vegetable. Right now we are doing them with fish sauce vinaigrette, crushed peanuts, a bunch of torn herbs, and some of the loose leaves fried tempura. Also, we’ve been getting standout oysters from Barnegat Oyster Collective. And for those who don’t know us, I’d recommend one of the handmade pastas.

High Street on Market

Is there anything else you would want people to know about the new 7-day dinner service, the menu or about High Street on Market overall?

High Street is one of my favorite restaurants. It’s the food I want to eat all time – simple with a little adventure. The vibe is great in the dining room. It’s just a cool place to be, and High Street Pizzeria is coming back! We’re going to do our Pizzeria Night on the first Friday of each month starting in December.

To learn more about High Street (308 Market St.) visit highstreetonmarket.com