Holmesburg animal hoarder pleads guilty: PSPCA

A Holmesburg woman has been convicted of animal cruelty after 17 animals were removed from “filthyconditions” at her home last month,the PSPCA announced Wednesday.

Irene Johnson, 43, pleaded guilty to one count of unsanitary conditions during a summary trial on Thursday, according to court records.

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PSPCAHumane Enforcement officers went to Johnson’s home on the 7900 block of Marsden Street onMarch 19 after receiving a tip from police about animals at the home living in hazardous conditions.

Johnson was allowed to keep three of her dogs that were spayed or neutered, and after”the property’s conditions were deemed suitable.” Ten dogs and all four cats were surrendered to the PSPCA.

One of the dogs, a pug named Princess, and two cats are still available for adoption, the PSPCA said.

Johnson was sentenced to pay more than $4,000 in restitution, a $50 fine, and was prohibited from owning any animals other than her three dogs for 90 days.

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“The Pennsylvania SPCA is pleased with the outcome of this case which illustrates that there are situations when it is appropriate to return the animals to their owner,” Jerry Buckley, CEO of the PSPCA, said in a statement. “The PSPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement team will continue to monitor the situation through inspection, as well as work with Ms. Johnson to ensure she has the tools to properly care for her animals. It is our hope that she will fulfill her obligation to her animals and make the restitution that has been ordered to cover the costs incurred while the animals were in our care.”

Reports of abuse can be made anonymously by calling the PSPCA’sanimal cruelty hotline at(866) 601-SPCA.