Hot chef: Rebecca Foxman of Meltkraft is a grilled cheese expert

Rebecca Foxman serves up a mean grilled cheese at Meltkraft. Credit: Zachary Ruben Photography Rebecca Foxman serves up a mean grilled cheese at Meltkraft.
Credit: Zachary Ruben Photography

If you’ve been to the Reading Terminal Market recently, chances are you’ve noticed Meltkraft, slinger of specialty grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, this is that place that sells the grilled cheese with brisket and mac ‘n’ cheese between the bread. Chef Rebecca Foxman is the one responsible for the recipes — everything from the crazy concoctions to the mellow flavor combos. We spoke with her about the shop, the market, and where she finds comfort food.

You guys have been open since January. How’s the first year going so far?
Great, better than expected! It’s been a lot of fun getting to know the area and the crowd, the regulars. We’ve been accepted pretty quickly and we’re excited.

What’s it like to have a spot in Reading Terminal Market compared to one that stands alone?
Being here is different because the traffic that comes through is extremely heavy at times. Having an open stand is different than a storefront and door. There are a lot of people walking by, and they can see everything that we sell, and I like that aspect.

Have you become buddies with other business owners in the market?
Oh yeah. Everyone here helps each other. If we run out of something or we need some last-minute produce, there’s a place to get it. And we’ll return the favor and help restaurants in the building. The Amish and Mennonite communities are wonderful, too.

What is your most popular menu item?
The Valley Thunder grilled cheese. By far, that one sells the most.

Grilled cheese is a great comfort food. Where do you go in Philly when you’re craving comfort?
I’m a huge fan of authentic Asian food. I go to Rangoon a lot, and I enjoy Banana Leaf. I like Jewish concept food a lot, too. I love things that are spicy, heavy and fishy. For drinks I like the bloody mary at Oyster House. Or I’ll go to Monk’s or Percy Street Barbecue for beer — they have an unbelievable can beer list. But really, I just love a good bloody mary.

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