Hot Plate: Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos

Jennifer Logue

When a friend recommended that I try the Buffalo Cauliflower Taco at Bar Bombon, I have to admit I was hesitant. “I certainly hope there’s some meat in that taco, too,” I joked. The day was long and I was famished. Usually my preferred tacos are the pulled pork-filled variety because they just seem more sustaining. Cauliflower as a main? This should be interesting.

Turns out the adorable Bar Bombon on Rittenhouse serves up Latin-inspired fare that is completely vegan, so there was no hope for my carnivorous craving.

After placing my order, I waited in anticipation, hoping my leap of vegan faith would be rewarded with a full belly.

When my waiter placed the dish in front of me, I was surprised by the sheer volume of food. The tacos were pretty large, but being on a flour tortilla, were easy to eat. The cauliflower was seasoned to mimic buffalo chicken and had a zesty taste without being too spicy. The tacos also contained refried beans and were topped with mirepoix, which is a mix of cut veggies — onions, carrots and celery — for an added crunch.

Along with the tacos, you also get a side of rice and beans.

Let’s just say I was absolutely stuffed from just one taco and my sides. I took home the other one for lunch the next day. Who knew veggies could be so delicious? I’ll never underestimate the power of cauliflower again. ​

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