Hot Plate: Roman Benedict at Bufad

Hot Plate: Roman Benedict at Bufad
Jennifer Logue

Bufad on Spring Garden is mainly known for their wood-fired pizza, but recently they’ve expanded their menu to include brunch as well. Located on the northern stretch of 13th Street, the restaurant is off the beaten path for Center City folks but well worth the hike for a new brunch experience.

The menu infuses Italian favorites and comfort food seamlessly — with their Cannoli French Toast, for example.

But being the eggs benedict connoisseur that I am, I had to try the Roman Benedict, which throws Roman pizza into the mix.

Chef Lauren Whiteman says of the dish: “Each brunch place needs a benedict. The Roman pizza is a good base instead of an English muffin. It holds up.”

Presented with a side of arugula lightly drizzled with olive oil, the Roman Benedict is savory and decadent. The chewy pizza base is topped with thin slices of potato and hearty portions of prosciutto cotto, which is baked with rosemary and herbs. The perfectly poached eggs complete the dish, drizzled with a velvety truffle hollandaise.

Replacing the English muffin with pizza adds a refreshing spin on the eggs benedict experience. It soaks up the egg well and allows for more toppings to be added underneath the poached eggs. Consequently, the Roman benedict is more filling and you may find yourself unable to finish both poached eggs — especially if you want to save room for dessert.

For those who bring adult beverages, (this is a BYOB establishment), a little alcohol may help you let your guard down and finish your plate in one sitting. For the non-drinkers, I recommend the San Pellegrino Blood Orange.