Hotline up for Philly businesses with papal visit concerns

Hotline up for Philly businesses with papal visit concerns
Sam Newhouse

The city is seeking to address business concerns about the implications of security during the impending papal visit on Sept. 26-27.

Amid rumors that some Center City restaurants and businesses are considering closing during the weekend of the papal visit, due to difficulties transporting employees and supplies past a planned security fence, the Commerce Department launched a new hotline to address these questions.

“We would prefer them to be open,” said Deputy Mayor Alan Greenberger. “We’d really like for everybody to think through their arrangements, so if there are any problems, we can solve them now.”

Some businesses are raising concerns about needs to transport items through security lines during the papal visit. Others are investigating the possibility of renting portable storage spaces near their businesses so they can stock up on supplies before security measures begin going into effect on Thursday, September 25.

“We’re certainly encouraging everyone, especially food purveyors, to get as much productas they can reasonably storein advance,” Greenberger said.

The hotline’s number is 215-683-2100, it’s open from 9 to 5, Mondays through Fridays, and businesses can also email their questions to [email protected].