How PA has prepared for coronavirus


The number of cases of coronavirus has continued to grow across the state of Pennsylvania. As of Tuesday morning, the state had confirmed 11 cases of the virus.

As the numbers continue to grow, state officials are ready to take on the challenge of COVID-19. At the moment, those sickened by COVID-19 in the state are from Montgomery County, Monroe County, Delaware County and Wayne County.

“While we anticipate that there will be more Pennsylvanians with COVID-19 in the coming days and weeks, it is important for residents to know the commonwealth is prepared and to be prepared themselves,” Dr. Levine, Secretary of Health, said in a release.

Levine added, “Right now, you have a higher chance of testing positive for COVID-19 if you have traveled to a country or state with known community outbreaks or have come in contact with someone who has the virus. We are working with the health care community across Pennsylvania to keep them informed, consult on patient testing, and ensuring they have the resources they need to care for patients.” released a survey that explores Americans’ fears as the COVID-19 continues to grow across the country and state.

The study showed that 20 percent of those surveyed are avoiding public spaces, and 5 percent canceled oversea plans. It was reported that 7 percent are wearing face masks in public, and 7 percent are working more from home.

Six of every ten adults say that they’ve changed their habits to protect themselves from COVID-19. Fifteen percent of those surveyed said they are stockpiling soap and sanitizer; 11 percent are stocking up on food. Also, 44% say they are washing their hands more regularly.

The survey revealed that about six in ten adults (59 percent) said they would not wait to seek treatment if they think they caught the virus. Seventy-three percent of those were over 55, where only 43 percent of 18 to 34 would not wait. However, every one in ten adults said they wouldn’t get treatment if they suspected they had the coronavirus.

However, 41 percent of Americans are doing nothing different.

Levine offered advice when it comes to soothing your coronavirus fears and said in a release that, “Since the start of flu season, we have encouraged Pennsylvanians to stop the spread of illnesses by washing your hands, covering coughs and sneezes, cleaning surfaces and staying home if you are sick. Those are the same healthy habits you should continue to practice to protect your family and yourself against the spread of this virus.”

The Wolf Administration and the Pennsylvania Department of Health has had its Emergency Operations Center set up since Feb. 1 to help combat the virus. According to a release, here’s what the center allows the state to do:

· Activated of the Department of Health’s Emergency Operations Center to allow for enhanced response coordination.

· Begun testing for COVID-19 at the state laboratory.

· Maintained communication and outreach with federal, state and local partners.

· Provided symptom monitoring for residents returning from areas impacted by coronavirus.

· Provided health care providers, businesses and education providers with information.

· Reviewed and adapted current pandemic flu plans to prepare for spread of COVID-19.

· Increased testing capacity.

· Partially activated the Commonwealth Response Coordination Center at PEMA.

· Gov. Tom Wolf signed an emergency disaster declaration.

· The Department of Health is providing a daily update via statewide press release.

· Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine has begun to provide daily press briefings.