How Ron Jaworski is using golf to help kids

How Ron Jaworski is using golf to help kids
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A long time ago, before former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworskidecided to pursue a career in football, he made the hard choice to turn down an opportunity to play professional baseball. His father wanted him to go to college.

After four years at Youngstown State and 179 touchdowns for four NFL teams from 1973-1989, the college degree came in handy. Andthat’s not just because of his on-camera career (he’s an ESPN analyst) or his affiliation with the Philadelphia Soul (he proudly wears the team’s 2008 championship ring).

Since the end of his NFL career, Jaworski, for 32 years has dedicated himself to his foundation, the Jaws Youth Playbook. His golf course arsenal is a business and a hobby, as is his work with the NFL Alumni Association. But his passion is helpingkids.

“We build playgrounds, ball fields,do backpack programs, nutritional programs having to do with kids,” Jaworski said at one of his golf courses, Blue Herron Pine Golf Club Wednesday.”We can help these young kids before they have the opportunity to get in trouble, and make kids know we care about them.”

The organization raises a large chunk of its money with a celebrity golf tournament each year, and the 2016 slate has several current and former Eagles committed to subjecting themselves to the embarrassment that sometimes comes from golfing in front of spectators. It’s for a good cause.

“It’s always an absolute blast,” Jaws said of the tournament, which kicks off early in the morning on June 13.”Through the years, we’ve had the Tom Bradys, the Michael Strahans, the Jim Kellys, the list goes on and on and on.Donovan McNabb texted me he is coming, I reached out to Randall Cunningham, I am trying to get as many quarterbacks as I can.”

How about current Eagles quarterbacks? Sam Bradford is not slated to attend, but new head coach Doug Pederson is already committed. And there’s one other guy Jaworski is hoping to recruit.

“I reached out to Carson Wentz, I would love to get him involved,” Jaworski said. “He will be the future of the Eagles and I want him to see some of the things were do here in the community.”

For a full list on the participants as well as more information head to the event’s

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