How to order a cheesesteak in Philly like a local

Here's how to order a cheesesteak in Philly like a local. | M. Edlow for Visit Philly
M. Edlow for Visit Philly

Not sure how to order a Philly cheesesteak like a local? If you’re new to town, standing in line and hearing people say things like “Whiz wit” may be a little intimidating at first, especially when the lines are long and tensions are running high. But ordering a cheesesteak like a local is actually quite simple — once you know the lingo, that is.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to order a cheesesteak in Philly:

1. Know your options.

With a cheesesteak, your basic options will be the cheesesteak itself, choosing your cheese (Whiz, American or Provolone) and deciding on having it with or without onions.

2. Decide on what you want.

If you’re indecisive when it comes to ordering food, decide on what you want before you get up to order. Don’t hold up the line.

3. Know the lingo.

When ordering your cheesesteak, you begin with the type of cheese you want and follow that by whether or not you want onions. Want onions? Say “wit.” Don’t want onions? Say “wit-out.”

Example: Let’s say you want a cheesesteak with Whiz and onions. Then you would say, “Whiz wit.” Don’t want onions? Then you would say, “Whiz wit-out.”

4. Place your order and keep it simple. 

The lingo is there to keep the line moving effieciently. 

5. Enjoy your cheesesteak!

Now you can sit back, relax and take a bite out of your juicy Philly cheesesteak. 

See? That wasn’t so hard, was it?

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