How to see Black Panther for free this Black History Month

Black Panther is back in theaters for a limited run this week.

“Wakanda forever!” The popular battlecry that took pop culture by storm a year ago is back in cinemas for a limited time this month as part of Black History Month.

In honor of Black History Month, The Academy Award-nominated Marvel Studios film “Black Panther” is back in AMC theaters nationwide for a limited run through Thursday, Feb. 7.  Free screenings of the hit movie will remind moviegoers to cross their arms across their chests and root for the good guys.

In addition to re-releasing “Black Panther” in theaters, Marvel Studios’ parent company Disney will donate $1.5 million to the United Negro College Fund, a scholarship program that helps black students attend college.

UNCF President and CEO Dr. Michael Lomax was thankful for Disney’s commitment to helping black students continue their educations. “UNCF is grateful for The Walt Disney Company’s enduring commitment to expanding these types of opportunities, and we’re excited to continue to do so through our Walt Disney Company/UNCF Corporate Scholars Program,” Lomax said. “I recall the excitement we all had when Black Panther was first released and it’s fantastic that Disney is bringing the record-breaking movie back to the big screen so that we can relive that excitement.”

With an almost all-black cast featuring stars like Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan and Angela Bassett, “Black Panther” grossed $1.3 billion at the box office and became the first superhero film to nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

The film’s mythic story of the heir to an African throne saving his country and protecting the fictional mineral vibranium helped expose the world to afrofuturism, a cultural aesthetic that links the African diaspora to technology. 

“Black Panther” will be screened for free twice a day during its run. Fans looking to see it in theaters can RSVP online for their free tickets.

For more information on where to see “Black Panther” for free this week, click here.