If at first you didn’t succeed … try again

Not everyone who starts college right after high school sticks with it, but if you completed at least 15 college credits on your first try, you can qualify as a transfer student at Temple — about 2,700 students did this fall.

Even if you don’t have those credits, though, Temple is worth a look. For all adult learners, Temple’s admissions office staff is “eager to help students navigate the best pathway to continuing education,” according to Laura Reddick, associate director of admissions for adult and veteran recruitment.

One path is through a local community college. Temple has dual-admissions agreements with community colleges in Philadelphia, Delaware, Bucks, Montgomery, Camden, Gloucester and Burlington counties. A student completes general ed courses and prerequisites for the major at the community college, then transfers to Temple for junior and senior years.

This can be less expensive and more convenient for many students. “Plus, once they get to Temple, they’re eligible for a specific scholarship that’s renewable for three years,” Reddick says.

Another path to Temple is the Continuing Studies program. This enables students with fewer than 15 college credits to take classes at Temple before applying for admission, as long as they have a high school diploma or GED certificate.

Temple offers “workshops to help [prospective students] understand whether they’re ready to make that step,” says Reddick. “If they’re not meeting our guidelines, we can identify the lacks and help them make up for those lacks.”