If Sixers keep winning, could Nerlens Noel be a casualty?

If Sixers keep winning, could Nerlens Noel be a casualty?
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The 76ers have seven win this year and six of them are against the Western Conference.

That’s more wins against the West than the Lakers, Wizards and Nets and just as many as the Bucks and Celtics — who currently sit in fifth place in the Eastern Conference.

It’s a trend, but one that has no real explanation. But it does havethe Sixersjust 1.5 games behind L.A. The team could, once again, finish without the worst record in the NBA and therefore have a significantly worse chance at a No. 1 overall pick andat Ben Simmons.

Sam Hinkie, in the past, might have something to say about that. He has overhauled the roster during recent trade deadlines to significantly hurt the team’s chances at winning but increase their tanking potential.

This year might be different with Jerry Coangeloalso calling the shots. But if there is a blockbuster move, it could involve Nerlens Noel.

Noel seems to shine brightest when he can play center without Jahlil Okafor(Philly’s leading scorer)on the court. It’s a case both for — and against him being traded.

“He was going to be the first player chosen before the injury,” Brown said of Noel, who sat out his first NBA season after falling to sixth overall in the 2013 draft.”Moving people to other positions is painful at times, it’s challenging at times. I’ve said candidly a lot that he’s made the most sacrifices of anybody. Offensively and defensively we have moved him to another position for a portion of the game.”

It will be interesting to see how the Sixers handle this important decision regarding the future of the franchise, especially with another center prospect,Joel Embiid,on the mend.