InnovAge provides personal senior wellness care for the holiday season and beyond

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For families and caregivers of older adults, the challenges of tending to their elders can often be overwhelming. During the chill of winter’s holidays, this feeling — the emotional, financial and physical stress of fully tending to older loved ones — is often heightened.

To help with this strain, the staff of InnovAge PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) treat senior care as a calling – one that allows its patients, their families and caregivers a lasting opportunity to live freely and independently.

Dr. Stanley N. Furman MD, a board-certified geriatrician and InnovAge’s Center Medical Director, speaks to the care of individuals, usually ages 65 and above, with multiple complex medical issues who require assistance with daily activities. Furman’s job starts with insuring that participants in the InnovAge program “are getting all the care they deserve and need… to stay independent and safely stay in their own homes. This is something we all hope for.”

As a geriatrician, Furman stresses that his goal — and that of InnovAge — is not to make people live longer, but to allow them to live better for as long as they live, be it in their family homes or within its patient centers.

“The goal of in-home service frequently is to get participants ready to get to the center and engage in activities that stimulate their mind and body – fashion shows, karaoke, prayer groups and the ever-important Bingo,” said Furman. “Sitting at home promotes weakness, dependency. In-home services may also be what allows participants to stay at home instead of entering into a facility.

“We have chaplain and social work services to help guide all through stressful times,” Furman continued. “Financially, we are like an all-inclusive resort, without the tipping. For participants that have Medicare and Medicaid, there is no out-of-pocket cost and all services including medications and transportation to and from appointments are included. This eases stress for families and participants.”

Jazz saxophonist-composer Steve Wilson — a nationally-known band leader, session player and music educator — knows InnovAge’s work well. His sister is an InnovAge PACE program participant in Richmond, Virginia, with a post-stroke condition, limited physical abilities and aphasia.

“She is a widow, lives alone, and though clean and sober for two-years, had a history of substance abuse,” said Wilson. “Two to three days a week, however, she goes to the PACE program space where she can get comprehensive services – this has been a positive boon for her and for me.”

Wilson and his sister’s involvement with InnovAge PACE has opened up both of their lives.

“It was a challenge for me to get to her as I live in New York City, and she is in Virginia,” said Wilson. “As her power of attorney, I was, at first, dealing with her affairs from afar… I was at my wits’ end as to what to do for her. I love her. But, there were no other caregivers, and she had bad people around he at the time. My priority became tending to her, keeping her young daughter, my niece, out of harm’s way, and caring for both of them. It was a beyond-a-tall-order. I had many unscheduled trips to see and help her, and nearly gave up my career to relocate to take care of her. I fell into a depression as my life was becoming unmanageable. InnovAge changed all that. It was a Godsend.”

Hearing about the program from a healthcare professional-friend, Wilson noted that InnovAge was able to manage his sister’s healthcare and other forms of assistance, while allowing her to maintain a social network – all from the comfort and independence of her home with frequent visits to Richmond’s PACE center, and a full support system in place.

“This took a weight off of my mind and shoulders. I can tend to my sister and my responsibilities… And I know that she is getting medical care, dental care and a network of support she couldn’t get elsewhere,” Wilson said. “InnovAge PACE has made all the difference in the world.”

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